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Music Trainer is an interactive ear training program that will help musicians reach their  full potential. It will test you by randomly playing sound items which you must identify. To be able to play 'By Ear' is something every musician should have a handle on. Music Trainer is an excellent tool for building your skill and confidence. It is easily customizable and will help you to recognize chords, scales, intervals, doublestops, cadences, or  just about any combination of single notes or chords. It is very easy to use, and very intuitive. There is almost no learning curve to take the tests, and creating custom tests is a very simple process.

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Music Trainer uses the Midi devices on your computer to play the sound items that make up the tests. If you have more than one Midi playback device on your computer, you will be able to choose the one that you would like to use from the Midi panel on the main screen. You can choose from 127 different instruments for you playback.  You can set the pitch of the playback through a range of 8 octaves.  You can control the volume of the playback from this same panel. You also have the ability to change the key of the sound items played as well as setting the key to 'Random' to make it extremely challenging.


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Music Trainer has 7 testing groups. Each one of these groups comes with a number of built in ear training tests. You can customize each one of these tests, or add your own tests.
The 7 test groups are:
  1. Intervals
  2. Chords
  3. Notes over chords
  4. Cadences
  5. Scales
  6. Modes
  7. Perfect Pitch
You can add new tests to each one of these groups, or edit the exiting test on the customize screen.  Music Trainer uses the  concept of 'Sound Items' for its tests. Each test consists of a number of 'Test Items' These are going to be the items that you have to identify for each test. This 'Test Item' can be a scale, a chord, an interval or any number of sound items played in a sequence depending on the test. It could simply be one note.

You can easily program Music Trainer to play the 'Sound Items' that you create for your customized tests. A 'Sound Item' can play from 1 to 7 notes simultaneously (a chord) . The 'Test Item' can play up to 12 sound items in a row. You can program chord progressions, single note lines, intervals, etc. You can also name each Test and 'Test Item' with a name that makes sense to you. This  is a great tool for instructors that want  tailor made tests for their students.

The built in tests are very good and you may never need to customize tests, but the options are available. You can always revert back to the default set of tests if you don't like the customizations that you have made.

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